The Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association welcomes this all-Australian company which will be collaborating with TSHA sponsoring events and on-line promotions.

Equine nutritionist, Lee-Ann Swan, has been the company’s owner and operator since 2015.

“The pellets were developed in 2008 and went into production the following year,” she said. “They were formulated by a leading farrier, Michael Fruin, and veterinarian, Dr Helen Peam, to assist in achieving the healthiest possible hooves for horses in Australia’s varied and extreme conditions.”

Before moving to this country Fruin had created remedial pellets in Great Britain. but was reluctant to import them because anything entering Australia containing lucerne must be gamma-radiated.

“It’s never been proved that it does have any adverse effects, but Michael was concerned it might kill the pellets’ active ingredients.

“We grow some of the best lucerne in the world so he worked with Dr Peam and they created a pellet containing the right mineral mix for horses here.”

(Some of Fruin’s past initiatives have been developing innovative techniques in hoof repairs for preventing lameness in elephants, hippos, giraffes, white rhinos and zebras!)

Lee-Ann’s introduction to the product was when she was managing a stable at Ingleside in Sydney’s north. “I began using the pellets because there were so many horses there with hoof problems. The difference they made was huge; I then started using them on my own horses.

“Later I was advised that due to other business commitments a decision had been made to close down the hoof growth business. ‘Oh no’ I thought, maybe I should buy the company.”

So she did, and has never looked back.

“The mineral mix is made in South Australia, pelleted at Riverina Stockfeeds in Young and then trucked to me on the Central Coast. We bucket it in a huge shed which is on our Mt White property and send it out from there to individuals and retailers.”

There is widespread demand for the product and many customers are recognisable names in the Australian horse world coming from many different equestrian disciplines.

“Dr Leanne Begg from Randwick Equine Centre has clients using Aussie Farrier and  Philip Stokes in Victoria and South Australia, is also finding the pellets greatly effective.”

“Master farrier Wayne ‘Link’ Baumann from the Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre, Muswellbrook was also impressed with the positive results on horses under his care,” said Lee-Ann, who added that her pellets may be used as maintenance, not just when there’s a problem. “It’s been proven in field studies that they help to thicken the soles.”

She is keen to have people experience the benefits The Aussie Farrier has to offer. “As a TSHA supporter I’m looking forward to being involved with sponsoring classes and donating product.

“It’s a wonderful association helping create new lives for Thoroughbreds which are such beautiful, versatile horses. I’ll be discussing with Krissy how we can assist in sponsoring a couple of OTTs needing assistance with hoof problems.

“Very shortly we’ll be organising with TSHA some giveaway competitions, and the moment restrictions are lifted we’ll be out getting behind showjumping events.”

And when you see Lee-Ann at one of these shows don’t hesitate to ask about her product and what all the ingredients are which make the pellets so effective. She is a font of knowledge!

                                         Suzy Jarratt – September 2021

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