Welcome to Thoroughbred Sport Horse

 ”Creating A Career Beyond Racing”

The Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association aims to create a second career and an increased demand for retired thoroughbred race horses.

The versatility of the Thoroughbred is amazing. They can be successful at showjumping, dressage, eventing, polo, campdrafting, hacking, anything at all. No other horse breed is as intelligent and versatile as a Thoroughbred!

To achieve this we are initiating thoroughbred-only competitions in the equestrian disciplines of showjumping, eventing, dressage, campdrafting and hacking. In 2022 we have showjumping, dressage and Hacking/Show Horse classes culminating in the inaugural TSHA  Australian Titles in November 2022


TSHA’s main objective is to work with show organisers to create dedicated thoroughbred classes and to secure funding from the Racing Industry for prize money for those classes, thereby creating a market and a competition destination for off-the-track horses.

A sport horse can have a competition life (depending on soundness) of 15 years. This is why the TSHA is in  for the long haul – we aim to have on-going competitions in each state of Australia focusing on both city and regional competitions for the foreseeable future.  TSHA competitions will  fill the gap between racing and retirement.

Since the inception of TSHA in early 2019 there have been over 1350 licences purchased and the number of shows has increased from 11 in 2019 to over 70 shows on the 2022 calendar.


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